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All you need to know about stab proof vest

Well out there in the market there are huge numbers of options from where you can buy body armor. But purchasing a standard quality stab proof vest is very important. Fortress body armor is the best in this regard. It has an extensive collection of different kinds of protective equipment. It has a niche business in body armor and ballistic protection products.

• All the products offered by fortress body amour are best in quality they never sell reconditioned armor.
• They offer significant size ballistic plates measuring precisely 250mm wide and 300 mm tall (10″x12″) to avoid any attack on your vital organ.
• Their body amours are flexible enough to adjust to one’s torso shape.
• Body amours have been tested independently against a various attacking object like knife, needle strikes, spike or be it gun.
• During the purchase of a product, one needs to worry about security, as they are secured by SSL technology, and PayPal handles payment gateway.

• Moreover, the services are available around the globe. Orders are usually sent via courier and are tracked within 24-48 hours of ordering.
One should remember self-defense is not just our right but also our duty. One needs to understand its capability and maintenance to ensure, the decision of buying stab vestmade is right. There is a particular level of NIJ standards like level IIA, level II and level IIIA.
• Level IIA is a 4mm thick vest. It protects against .22mm thick, .9mm, 0.45mm, 0.380 mm bullets.
• Level II is about 5mm thick. It protects against everything included that level II-A can protect from, in addition to it, it also protects against 0.22 magnum bullets.
• Level IIIA is a 6mm thick vest. It protects against everything included in level II and Level IIA, on top of that it also protects against 0.44 magnum bullets.
So make sure of keeping every factor in mind before, buying your stab proof vest, because your safety is a most important thing, important than anything else.