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Benefits offered by to start a business in the free zones of Dubai

At Pristine Ventures, we are very careful when recommending a location in the UAE to start a business, however, when it comes to Dubai and its free zones we do not doubt it for a second. This area is quite optimal for commercial development since it has a free zone, so called because it is an area that has special taxes for merchants; it also has a customs regime and imports that are different from the mainland. This location is ideal for you if you are not interested in carrying out operations within the UAE.

Through our web portal we have received more than 150,000 applications from companies that want to register to do business in the free zones of Dubai, why do you call so many companies? These are some of its advantages:

No import or export duties are imposed; they have corporate taxes; there are no restrictions on any type of currency; if the company complies with the legal conditions, it is considered 100% foreign-owned and therefore the repatriation in terms of profits is 100% and/or capital; low-cost workforce without hiring problems and liberal labor laws; Modern infrastructure and latest technology, efficient and effective generating low energy costs.

We are the best in the market, and we will help you succeed and make your business one of the most successful. So if you are attracted to the benefits presented to start a business in the free zone, enter and we will clarify any doubts you have and we give you the option to choose between 12 ideal and free zones to start with your business, you just have to take into account. Each zone is independent and free, for that reason, it has different regulations among themselves and very particular according to the specific activities to be carried out by each commercial company.