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If you are thinking of buying a yacht then you are at right place my friend. mega yachts for sale provide best yachts in the world at amazing rates you won’t even imagine. It is an uprising platform for selling yachts over the internet. If you want to buy a yacht that satisfy all your requirements and will last long in terms of durability Then this is the perfect place. Our friendly staff will understand all your requirement and will recommend you a yacht that is best suitable for you and represent your nature. If you are among those who don’t have any knowledge about yachts then Mega yachts for sales is a website made for you.

The yacht we are going to talk today about is EP150. This is the newest boat that has just released in the market in year 2017. This yacht is made by Horizon which is a USA company and it has this unique facility of fly bridge. It falls in expedition y category.
The overall length is 45.72 meters and the overall water displacement length is 40.59 meters. With such a large displacement length this yacht has large water surface area. It has this awesome fly bridge where you can enjoy with your family and friends while taking the beautiful view of vast ocean. This yacht can hold 10600 gallons of fuel. With such large quantity of fuel, you can feel free to roam anywhere you want. It can hold 3000 gallons of water.
Again, the engine is made by MTU which is considered as the best engine manufacturer brand for yachts. It has 12 strokes M60. This beast can go up to 1770 horsepower which is enough to move this heavy ship. There in total two diesel engines in inboard fashion used power propulsion system. At mega yacht for sales you can get this yacht at best price.