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Cpanel server management

cPanel server management leading web server administration sites. cPanel server management is control panel manages all your dedicated server functions and software processes like the web server, mail server, database, and DNS, keeping everything synchronized with a highly functional graphical interface and a great number of advanced features. cpanel server management allows you to manage all aspects of your dedicated server easily and conveniently.

cPanel Server Management
Key benefits of our cPanel Server Management service
• Proactive service: Guess the degradation in the performance as well as the capacity issues
• 24×7 support: Support team is available all the day
• Service agreements: SLA is provided
• Comprehensive coverage: Most of the hardware and software’s are supported by them.
Server setup
Setting up your servers also comes with its process which can either be done by you, using the available technical documentation or by the service provider you hire. The distinct steps to completely setting up a server are:

• The Initial Server Set-up: -which consists of unzipping the necessary set up files and running them through your chosen web host platform?
• Installation and Configuration: -installing the features and tools for your control panel is the next step and this can also be done using the directions provided in the user guide
• Firewall installation: is part of the installation process and the firewall serves as a security measure for your servers
• Anti-spam and anti-virus installations: These security measures come next after installing your firewall
• Mail Server Setup: This is self-explanatory as it involves setting up the e-mail account for your servers
• DNS settings and configuration
Apart from this, you can know anything about the cpanel server management from the Internet. You just need to make sure that you surf the best reputed websites to know about the server management to get accurate information.