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Enhance your sexuality with a Yoni Egg

In the ancient oriental culture, the vagina has been venerated for granting life, creativity, and love, that magic part of the female body was called Yoni, a Sanskrit word used for the female genitals which means “sacred space”.
The practice of yoni egg is also estimated to have been initiated over 5,000 years ago but was only available to members of the royal family, who kept it secret because they had discovered the benefits that this practice brought to those who made it.

It has always looked for ways to enhance female sexuality and to enjoy their intimate encounters. Alternatives such as kegel exercise egg are increasingly used not only to improve sexual life but health and spirituality in women.
The eggs are made in semiprecious stones, such as red Jade, blue gold sand, amethyst, black obsidian, blue aventurine, quartz crystal, opal stone among others, offering energetic and magical powers to the body, harmonizing the spirit and warding off the bad energies of those who use them. In addition to all these properties, the benefits provided to sexuality are immense if they are commonly used in Kegel exercises strengthening the vaginal walls, improving blood flow and vaginal sensitivity, which will make your sexual encounters more pleasurable with high power orgasms.
Yoni eggs come in different sizes so that in the measure of your experience you can change them and adapt them to your comfort and pleasure. For your use the woman must be in total relaxation and connection are your sexual energy. If you want to know them and know more about their use, sizes and types of stone, we invite you to follow us on our social networks and interact with them or enter where you will not only see them, but you can also buy them. The kegel exercises women will no longer be the same without your Yoni egg.
Among our products, we offer you the beautiful Yoni Claro Crystal Quartz Egg or the Yoni Dalmatian Stone Egg, both carved in stones of the highest quality.