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Features of GTA 5 mobile version

The character swapping is available in three different variants in the mode of gameplay for GTA 5 mobile version.The skills differ from character to character as they have their unique set of skills in the game.The skills mainly differ in cases of hacking, diving, and related other such activities.The missions are a part of GTA 5 Android, but apart from the missions, the gamers can enroll the character in multiple activities like racing, scuba diving, skydiving, etc.The GTA 5 apkis designed in such a way that it is cross-platform friendly, i.e., other applications of the mobile can be simultaneously accessed by putting a pause to the gameplay.

The apk is available from the official website, as well as other websites on the internet. The game contains the option for in-game purchases to be made within the game. The errors and bugs that emerge and are noticed by any gamer during the course of the gameplay, can be immediately reported to the makers of the game.The download for the game apk is completely free of cost and can be downloaded by any individual around the world provided they have the device configuration as per requirement. The game is a combination of action and adventure with the highest possible graphics in today’s gaming world which makes it more realistic and user-demanding.
The size of the complete game is around 4.2 GB to download for the mobile and tablets.The best part of the game is that, while playing the game on mobile and tablets, gamers can easily hook up external controllers that are console based like the mouse and keyboard with the help of micro USB cables. The game is programmed to automatically recognize the devices and set the actions accordingly as per the game settings.