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Fitness experience in a reading gym with the avant-garde and the latest trends.

The Shredquarters is a gym in reading that will physically and mentally test you, we give you the experience with the latest practices of the fitness world, we are specialists in physical preparation, it does not matter if you want to prepare for sporting events, if you are a high-performance athlete and you are an individual who just wants to feel and look good, we give quality service to all its members.

Not only do we have character and experience, we also adapt to the diverse needs of our clients, whether your physical demands or nutrition levels are. We also manage flexibility in schedules since we open 24 hours a day, payment plans and flexibilities in costs. Our maximum limit is 400 members, which are treated with full equality and without any discrimination.

Our personal training readings are certified specialists, with experience in various areas of the fitness world and high-performance sports. We make sure that we also transmit security and knowledge of the service provided our clients are not only being trained but also being instructed, each individual learns to manage their body and control it.

Our gym in tilehurst has all the necessary equipment, this includes the latest range of products for exercise, even the most experienced personal trainers who possess certified knowledge, are professional physical trainers, can be sure that our service is fully guaranteed and if does not give results in real time we return 100% of the expense of the membership. We aim to make each individual feel comfortable and confident doing any physical activity, without excluding or discriminating against any individual and respecting the needs of each of them, our gym is not only a place to improve physically it is also an environment that guarantees safety and gives confidence that each individual feels at home.