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Hack Facebook account by following simple steps

Facebook has become one of the most popular medium to get connected with the worldwide people. The Facebook user maintains their fb account so that they can derive all benefits of facebook. People can do chatting; post their pictures and stories on their account wall, and can use video chatting option. Along with all these things facebook users can also hack facebook account of another user so that they can keep an eye on all their activities. There are many reasons why one will use fb hacker tools. If you want to hack the account, then you have to use the simple process of hacking.

How to hack facebook account of another user?
Given below are some steps through which you can hack facebook account. Just follow these steps properly, and you will get all required details about the hacked account in few minutes.
• To hack facebook account, just open and then Click to forget your password option which is available on your screen.
• Then below reset your password option is given Click on it and no longer has access to this account will appear on your screen.
• Then type your new email ID, confirm it and then click to continue.
• Then ask a trusted user to help you on your account and click continues.
• After that, you have to wait for 24 hours, and they will provide you with a new password. Once you get the password, you will be receiving all notification about the hacked account.

Another way to hack facebook account is by using face geek
This is the next option through which you can hack facebook account. Just go to the face and then type the users ID of that person whose account you want to hack. After 5 minutes you will be receiving the password of that user.
With the help of these processes, you can easily hack facebook account of another user.