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Ilaya fertility clinic – The importance of became a mother

In ancient times the mortality rate of women at birth was very high. These orphaned children were breastfed by other women who were breastfeeding and became the surrogate mother of these children, this and other similar situations where the sparks on which the medical scientists were based to develop a technique called Gestational Subrogation.

This technique consists in applying the assisted reproduction used by the ovule and the spermatozoids of parents who have the intention of having a child and who can not or want to, and place it in vitro and fertilized in a mother who agrees to be a substitute.

In the Ilaya fertility clinic whose main headquarters are in the city of Valencia in Spain, we offer the service of Gestational Surrogacy in Ukraine, since its legislation establishes that the legal parents of a child must be confirmed through a DNA test. In addition, these parents must be married to ratify the rights of both.

Within the program of Gestational Subrogation, this fertility clinic offers the GDP test that consists of applying a Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis that allows identifying and eliminating embryo cells that may generate genetic diseases and anomalies before their implantation. Also, if the future parents require it, we can use the GDP to determine the sex of the future baby.

In Ilaya we provide substitute mothers with exhaustive tests to ensure that they are in perfect physical and mental health. We assume full responsibility for the surrogate mothers throughout the pregnancy, providing them with prenatal and postnatal medical care, and covering all their maintenance and lodging during the entire period of the program.

In the event that the intentional parents have not yet contemplated having a child, we offer them the CryoBank service, where we can store their ovules and sperm for an unlimited time until you decide to use them.