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Internet has made things really easy

It is nightmare to imagine the world without the internet. Someone from this generation cannot survive without an internet connection no matter what. Internet isn’t an addiction anymore; it has become a habit that you can’t let go off because everything around us is now planned in such a way that the use of internet has become mandatory. There are so many things that technology has provided us but the invention of internet is one of the most helpful things in the world as of now.

We all know the debate among the people about how internet is the home to so many wrong activities and how it is destroying the society in its own way but the thing that you should always point out to is that the people criticizing it are also using the internet to spread their voice. There are so many things that internet has made easy in our life and one of those things is communication. It has made really easy for all of us to communicate with each other and share knowledge from one person to another. Other than that now you can learn about new stuff with just a click of a button.

There are so many free things such as free movies, songs, videos, games and so many more things that you can get from the internet. People who were born a generation before used to do so many things in order to get that one favorite song from their friends. Free movies are available in bulk on the internet but anyone who lived in the era without the internet knows about struggle that went into watching a movie that they want to after it has been removed from the big screen and the box office as well.