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The brief reply is yes, however just in certain places.

In the event that you are situated in a place close to the TV towers, including an interior metropolitan area, with good reception, an indoor antenna is probably going to function! In places which are hilly it’s less likely an best indoor tv antenna is likely to be acceptable.

An Indoor Antenna, also called a rabbit ears antenna

Another variable that may influence whether an indoor antenna works for you personally is the building type of your property and the place you place inside your home. If it’s near a window on the side of the home facing towards the TV transmitter towers an indoor antenna will work best. Do not understand where that’s? See this post onaiming a TV antenna for assistance. Where the TV towers are understanding will help, but frequently it’ll end up being a question of learning from mistakes to get the alignment of an indoor antenna right. The positioning of individuals and things in the weather and area conditions all will have an influence.
Selecting an Indoor Antenna for Digital TV

In general I ‘d urge the least expensive indoor antenna that’s an inbuilt amplifier. These can usually begin from stores like Kmart or Jaycar at about $30. You can even see them by searching” best indoor tv antenna built in amplifier”/. Selecting one with a flexible mounting bracket as well as an extended lead will make for more flexibility in the manner in which you find your indoor antenna, perhaps giving you better reception. You may also attach a female to male flylead to expand the cable.