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Penis Extenders for Enlargement

• Are you ashamed of your curved penis?
• Is your penis too small to please a woman?
• Are you afraid that someone sees your penis in the locker room?
• Dreaming to hear her say “OMG It’s huge”
• Would you like to gain self-confidence regarding your body??
You’re not alone – How do you think I came upon this product?
I had those same problems too!
• My penis was bent – Which is actually a disease called “Peyronie’s Disease”
• The initial size of my penis was 6” which is ok but I WANTED MORE
• I have been scammed by a lot of products
• Read what is written so you won’t fall a victim to fake methods!

So who am I and why am I telling you this?

I’m just a regular 23 years old student who has got frustrated by failing over and over again to satisfy my girlfriend by penetration – not to mention the curvature of my penis which makes discouraged to take my pants off. I’ve done tons of researches and found the most reasonable solution, however, if you still don’t believe me you can take a look at the before and after pictures!

Important Facts:

1. Pills & Patches are a TOTAL SCAM – They can’t enlarge your penis just like they can’t make your nose smaller or your ears bigger.
2. Pumps might make your penis look bigger when you use it but it’s temporary and might cause damage.
3. Jelqing Exercises required a lot of effort and brings tiny results.
4. Cosmetic Surgeries are highly expensive and has a low success rate (on average) and might cause permanent erectile problems.
5. Penis Stretchers are the only scientifically proven and medically approved penis enlargement methods – they are actually recommended by doctors for patients that suffer from Peyronie’s Disease, furthermore I myself already used it!

How do penis extenders work?

They say “one picture is worth a thousand words” The technique is basically simple; it’s based on traction – a small amount of tension is applied to stretch the penis – forcing the cells to break, multiply, and regenerate and the internal cavities to expand, allowing more blood to flow to the penis. By using the device properly you are likely to gain about 33% increase in length, 25% increase in girth (width) and straightening the curvature by about 90%. Learn more at

I personally used the SizeGenetics penis extender and I highly recommend it because it’s simply the finest quality of penis stretchers on the market today, it’s also the most comfortable one (Yes I did try others) and comfort my friends is really valuable when mentioning that you are likely to wear the device on daily basis. However, there are five different packages that you can purchase, depending on how serious you are regarding enlarging your penis, the comparison is listed below.