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Providing Answers to guess riddles ( tebak tebakan)

Riddles have contributed to entertainment today. Riddles have been played in times past in events and ceremonies where they are posed for people to provide their answers. The winners are often rewarded depending on the level of the riddle. The guess riddles (tebak tebakan) have been used in the same manner these days but they have become more popular though the different platforms that have been used to advertise them. It is not uncommon to see a riddle guess game posed on a television channel awaiting the right answer. Several authors and artiste have also posed riddles on different platforms for people.

People derive fun from answering a riddle correctly. There are many sites and platforms to get a riddle for practice. There is literature book that has lots of riddles in them. Riddles most time have an area of focus and attention and a collection of them often have a theme that they center on. The guess funny riddles (tebak tebakan lucu) are provided on riddle sites online for people to play. There are riddles that have a theme as religion. Other have politics and science to their focus. It all depends on the person that forms the riddle.

One certain thin about riddles is that they help people to learn new things and become broader in knowledge about new concepts that they might not have known before. The different riddles themes can be gotten from online searches and platforms like have prepared riddles and answers for players. Some riddles in literature have no provided answers s their authors left none. Many of the answers provided by people have been greatly debated especially for the hard riddles that were posted. The art of decoding the hidden intents and answers of a riddle is what creates the fun especially is the answers provided by a player is right.