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Random Runner, the renewal of the slots

The excitement generated by the slot machines is on the rise again thanks to the new online version of Random Runner fruit flavored slot machines. This is outlined as one of the best and is already becoming the favorite game of many.
This version rescues the best of the classic version of slot games giving a touch of modernity to attract the attention of new generations.

This style of game in HTML online version has rescued the emotion of the real casino game. The way to play is very simple and incorporates a new feature: two levels of synchronized reels that allow two moves at the same time.
The symbols that rotate are known by all: pears, lemons, oranges, grapes, cherries and melons that combine with the symbols of stars and the number 7. Obtaining 3 stars allows you to earn 200 credits, the maximum reward.
Although it is a modern version, Random Runner manages to maintain the classic and retro style of the traditional slot machine that everyone loved in his time.
Random Runner can be played in base mode or top mode. The lowest gain you can get in the base game is to multiply your bet by 4. For the base level you play with 1 credit and for the top a minimum of 4 credits is indispensable.
With a traditional musical background, the combinations you make give you different earnings. The most attractive is achieved with 3 crowns, multiplying your bet by 20; some fruit symbols have a small star which means that the bet is multiplied by 200; 3 watermelons report 100 credits and 3 stars 200 credits.
Base game winnings are automatically transferred to Winbank and allow you to play for bonuses and special prizes in top mode. This game is one that you can not miss and you can download it without any problem!