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Snapchat sexting: Why it can be assumed that the app is used totally for sexting?

Whenever any normal person hears that an application will help you to exchange pictures that can be viewed for few seconds only, it automatically comes to their mind that such a thing facilitates exchanging of nude pictures. This is true as snapchat sexting has been on the rise ever since its inception. If people are still not aware what sexting is really, then they should be sufficiently made aware regarding it through this article. The name of the act very much suggests that it is not going to be approved by responsible elders and adults especially when circulation takes place over the internet.

Sexting can be termed as the act of sending and receiving of the nude sexually stimulating pictures of oneself through messages over social networking sites. Snapchat has emerged to be the most popular social networking site in this case. Through snapchat it becomes possible for you to ensure how long your friend is going to view the picture after which it will be deleted forever.

Even if the founders of the site say that this app is not used for sexting, it cannot be entirely believed. This is because of the snapchat usernames you will often find over the app. The names are almost exclusively sexually explicit in nature.

Snapchat sexting
Statistics show that every 1 out of 5 teenagers using snapchat have sent or received the nude pictures at some point of their life or other. Advertisements are not present along with the nude pictures as of now.

The popularity of the using of this application is unparalleled. The sexting usernames have ensures that this is maintained thoroughly. It has been seen recently that in the period of Thanksgiving, the rate of photo sharing was 4 times that of Instagram. This means that the different users were sending almost 100 photos any given second. click here to get more information snapchat girls.