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Solitaire: one of the oldest card games

If you are well accustomed with the personal computer setup, then you should have come across the game called solitaire. In most of the old personal computers, the game comes for free. Microsoft has installed the game on all its computers and people using the operating system get to see. The origin of the game is really unknown, but it is a common game available on all old pc running on Microsoft operating system.

About solitaire:
• There is not much information available on this game, but it is one of the popular and common in all desktops.
• The game was installed in the Microsoft run computers to practice the cursor movement using the mouse.
• The game actually teaches a person how to use the mouse effectively, but people took it as a game.
• Most of the children like to play this game, and even the adults love the game too. It is easy to play.
The rules of playing the game are very simple, and people get to win the game only by practice. You need to play more and more to get the winning percentage higher. Even the children can play this card game. Most of the people who do not know card games are familiar with this game. People may not know the name of the cards, but while the game is on, they will win. You do not have to know the rules. Once you start with the game, you will automatically get an idea. Thus in your free hours, you can play the game and have fun. This simple game has now grown up, and you can play solitaire even online.

Need for the game:
• You will never get bored of playing the game, and it makes you happy.
• The free hours will be well spent on playing the following game.
You can play the game along with your family and friends. You need to solve the game quickly. The quicker one will win. Thus get free solitaire from the internet and start playing. click here to get more information cards game solitaire.