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Tattoo artist Chiang Mai at Panumart tattoo

Panumart tattoo is a great place that has a group of enthusiastic artists at your service. You will find the best type of arts done by the professionals. The tattoo is made very carefully with chemical proof ingredients. Professionals are trained and specialise in all types of designs and tattoo styles. All of this is done at a very less cost and effective services by the chiang mai tattoo artists.

Yohng is one of the artists at Panumart Tattoos. He is classically trained and university educated in the field of tattoo arts. He is a professional artist who got inspired by his girlfriend Tao. Yohng has a special talent with colours and he specialise in the field of the art. He is so talented that he has tattooed the head artist Ahm on her 25th birthday.

He specialises in making the realistic portraits of different people as the tattoo. They have a feel of larger than life effect. The artist has displayed many tattoos on the website. His amazing work has been praised a lot and the talent is appreciated at Panumart. Similar to him there are many other artists. You can get tattooed by them from the best tattoo artist Chiang Mai.

A tattoo is a form of art that represents the person who has that tattoo. Any mistake from the artist can become a permanent mark. We understand the essence and realise the importance. The work is done with full responsibility. The constant customer feedback has made us grow a lot. The proof of the designs is available on the website. All the tattoos photos and samples are available. Chiang Mai Tattoo artists are professionals who understand their role and seek the importance of the work. Art is a divine way to connect the souls and feel the things just by visualizing.