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Travel hacking is all about gaining miles, reward points and offers

Travel hacking is an art of accumulating reward points, miles and offers and getting them cashed for the best traveling offers available. Every traveler whether be a frequent or even aspiring always aim at getting maximum experience of trip by spending as less as possible. travel hacking helps travelers in spending less on the experiences which would have otherwise coasted them much more.

Travel hacking has helped number of travelers in fulfilling their travel dreams like, traveling in first class of an airline, traveling new places, staying in big hotels etc. which would otherwise would not be possible because of the financial constraints.
Gaining points and miles is very easy, however trick lies in knowing where to look for them. Following are few tricks following which traveler can gain high miles and reward point.
• Knowing value of miles and reward points. There are number of companies in travel industry who are offering number of miles as well as reward points. Truth is all miles and points do not share same value. It is always better to invest in those travel programs whose value of miles as well as points is more.
• Travel should always look for best option available as far as price is concerned. While booking any airline ticket or even hotel it is always beneficial to check for the price offered at various sites. This helps travel to get best bargain on their miles as well as reward point.
• There are times when various credit card companies run offers on earning miles, bonus and reward points. This is the best time to increase the miles and point in the kitty. Traveler can do it by making maximum payment through credit cards.
These are some of the tricks by which a traveler can accumulate miles as well as reward point. The concept of ‘more the merrier generally holds true in cases of reward points and miles. Once miles are accumulated travel can exchange them for the best offer as per his requirement.