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Understanding the impact of fashion shows in today’s fashion industry

Fashion enthusiasts like tracking fashion information almost on a daily basis. Through fashion, designers have an opportunity of being independent in their ideas. Fashion helps to boost confidence in people and presents itself as a form of expression for both the designer and wearer. It is through fashion that people of the same aesthetics can easily bond. Electronic and print media have helped the fashion industry by spreading fashion trends and showcasing celebrity fashion statements. Since the media also covers fashion shows, this coverage reaches target buyers or audiences fast. According to Ariane Slinger, once customers follow a specific design, that design becomes fashion.

The impact of fashion shows in the fashion industry is huge. Fashion shows help to market a designer’s creations to retailers and consumers. In addition, these shows target apparel manufacturers and fashion journalists. By targeting the right audiences, fashion shows can increase the rate at which customers follow specific designs. Unlike before when fashion shows used to target retailers alone, Ariane Slinger hints that fashion shows today target all audiences. The different types of audiences that can be targeted include fashion journalists, wholesalers, major markets and department stores. All these are major buyers who can help designers reach the end consumer.
Before apparel manufacturers produce clothes for the mass market, they first get inspired from videos and photographs shot during fashion shows. In fact, Ariane Slinger hints that most clothes produced by apparel companies are inspired by most fashion shows. Fashion shows have a huge impact in the fashion world because they offer a way of celebrating variety. It is also important to understand that regardless of the fashion, it is always a customer’s choice to decide whether to accept or reject a trend. Therefore, fashion shows offer a platform for showing the latest trend. This is a platform whereby a consumer can decide to either follow the trend or not.