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Universal Remotes: Some Points To Consider

We probably all have about 8 “universal” remotes nowadays. Every new component you get comes w/ one, but non-e of them are actually “universal” because almost always there is some feature using one device that the additional remotes don’t possess a button for. But wouldn’t it be nice to essentially have the ability to use one TV Remote for all you devices? I do!

There are a wide variety of universals available these days that it is impossible to debate them all here. Therefore I’ll strike the high factors and enable you to decide. I’ll select a few popular types/ versions and review a few factors that helped me made a decision for or against them.

One thing you must understand is just what a ‘learning’ remote is. Which means that you could set the remote to understand other remotes’ indicators: you arranged it to prepare yourself, aim another remote at it, press a button on that remote and the training remote stores that transmission.

Now whatever button you create on the learning remote sends that same transmission. This way actually if your universal remote does not have a ‘Eject’ button, it could send that signal.
All the remotes listed below are learning b/c that is the only method to be really universal.
Most universal remotes nowadays also permit you to run macros. That method when you want to view a movie, w/ just a couple of button clicks. You could have it turn the TV on, the stereo system to DVD gamer, etc.
Also, the will often have timers so that you can turn the TV on / off as long as you’re out of town for instance.

Big LCD: Sony RM-AV3000
This TV Remote was the ‘big boy’ on the market for a long period. It does everything and looks cool carrying it out. Both main draw backs to the model are size and buttons.