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What are private servers

Looking for any private game server for you and friend, try maplestory private server. These servers can be developed on the game; you can use it. You can enjoy games with private server without anyone else disturbance.

Private server cost will depend on the price set by developer of game. Initially you may get charged while purchasing it and may need to pay monthly charges for keeping it active. Its monthly renewal fee can be taken out from balance automatically so you do not need to worry about renewing it every month.

Maplestory is a world under the rule of Black Mage. It is free 2D game with side scroll that has stood for time and remains to be the most popular game MMORPG. The game chosen from more than 30 unique types of assassins, knights and mages, to the samurais and with legendary heroes owns different playing style. You can live out the story of game on maplestory private servers in a unique way with each class as explored then massive and 2D colorful world when you compete with quest alone or with your friends. You can experience the game unique kinds of platform along with wide variety of contents that game is offering which includes mini-games and puzzles.

Key features

• Simple and fun gameplay

It is engaged with no frills and includes 2D offering side scrolling actions which combat against cuteness but there are deadly mobs too.

• More than 30 unique classes

Played on maplestory private server offer the player one out of 30 classes that comes with own skills, style of play, personality and stories.

• Own style and rules

On private server you can customize each character with variety of costumes that fit each style and gear.

• Platform quest

Enjoy jump quest with fun and frustration some times.