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What Are Proximity Marketing Beacons & How Do They Work?

proximity marketing beacons are small devices that are used to broadcast a message to any nearby known or unknown Android & iOs devices. The range of this device is wide & you can get a more widened range if you want, there are many options available.

These beacons are used by storefronts, realtors, anyone who thinks it’s essential for their business. In this article, you will understand the functions and the execution of Proximity beacons. How do they work? The best way to use them & etc. Let’s get to it.
Where Can You Get Proximity Marketing Beacons?
• Proximity Beacon’s official site is where you can get it. But you can request ‘in person’ demonstration through their website if you think it necessary. It’s more beneficial that way.
• The official website of proximity beacons will tell you everything there is to know about these beacons.
• On this website, you will find out about different kind of beacons and how various ones can be used for various businesses.
• You should visit this website if you are into details.

How do they Work?
• The functions and execution Proximity Marketing Beacons depend on your goals and your message.
• If you want a wider audience to read your message, you need a beacon with a wider range.
• You have a create a message that motivates people to come to your shop, joint, store or to wherever you are doing your business at.
• Once you activate the device your message will be sent to all the nearby Android & iOs users.
• Battery life of this beacons is up to 2 years, so that will not be a problem.
• How long you want your message to be conveyed is something you have to look after.
There you go. This is everything you need to know about Proximity Marketing Beacons. Good Luck.