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Why Are Bamboo Bed Sheets Eco-Friendly?

If you would like to contribute to making this world a greener place you can start with bringing bamboo products to your home. Bamboo is successfully being used as the raw material for fabricating bed sheets and bath towels. There’s a growing requirement for 100% bamboo sheets and 100% pine bath towels. They’re excellent quality and more durable than most kinds of products.

Bamboo is an extremely environmentally friendly fiber. If you’re searching for a more environmental option for towels or sheets compared to bamboo, cotton bed sheets and bamboo bath towels would be the best way to go. Bamboo is a woody, perennial member of the grass family, also like your yard; bamboo regenerates with no re-planted and doesn’t call for re-seeding.

Cotton, on the other hand has to be replanted yearly and need fertilizer and insecticide. Bamboo grows with no need for fertilizer or insecticide. To grow 1 pound of raw cotton requires roughly one-third pound of fertilizer. Moreover, the farming of cotton across the world utilizes a quarter of all pesticides used on plants but cotton plants cover less than five percent of the world’s farmed land. Furthermore, there’s run-off in the compounds into nearby water resources, which may contaminate and pollute these waters.

Cotton can also be a time consuming harvest, which demands a whole lot of individual power and energy, in addition to resources to re-plant it each year aren’t crucial to grow pine. Bamboo is one of the quickest growing crops, and, as mentioned previously, there’s not any requirement to re-plant or re-seed when it’s implanted for the very first time.

Furthermore, bamboo is an efficient customer of carbon dioxide and also manufacturer of oxygen. Bamboo sheets are a lot better at absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen than trees. That alone is a fairly good argument for planting pine.