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Why do people like to live by the sea

Living by the sea is a dream of millions but only few are able to convert this dream into reality. This is a fact well known and well documented. Infact, this is the reason why Greek luxury villas near the sea sell at a premium or even rentals of property by the sea are at such exorbitant rates.


Living by the sea has a number of therapeutic benefits. The sound of the waves lulls a person to sleep, one feels more calm and restful by hearing the gentle noises of the ocean. The salty fresh air free from pollution is what the body requires. It thus helps individuals rejuvenate and invigorate themselves. Thus, people coming back after a holiday at the Oceanside or sea-side are full of energy and roaring to go. When a person is at the seaside or Oceanside, he or she tends to get a lot more exposure to the sun and that helps with decreasing the deficiency of Vitamin D – a common deficiency found nowadays thanks to people spending most of their days holed up indoors. The people living by the sea also get a lot more exercise which again is essential to keep the mind and body healthy. Those living near the sea tend to eat healthier and better. The food is more fresh, the pure air helps to increase the appetite and thus the quality of their lives increases too.

Skiathos villasare in great demand and in order to buy a luxury villa in Skiathos one will need to invest a large chunk of their income and savings. But most people think of this more as an investment rather than as a frivolous expense or flaunting of their wealth. The benefits far outweigh the other disadvantages one will be at by tying down the bulk of their savings into the villa.